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Feb 22nd, 2018, 04:10am

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xx Anyone Remember John King - ex-700Z Armourer
« Thread started on: Oct 3rd, 2007, 9:23pm »

Reprinted from a plea on the FAABA guest book on behalf of Dave King:

Following a recent visit to Yeovilton RNAS museum, i realised how little i new of my late fathers service life in the RNAS. I knew he was an armourer, and also was an ejector seat engineer, and that he was based at Ford, Lossiemouth, and Yeovilton.
Unfortunately it would appear that my father not only didn't share his work with his children, but did not tell my mother either!
I have a collection of photos that he kept secret, which he had labelled so i have a better understanding now but would love to know more.
RNAS Lossiemouth 700S - year unknown but assume early 60's as i was born in Scotland in 65, and we moved to Yeovilton early in 66.
Names - Otto Klass, Paddy Metcalfe, Charlie Fullerton, Willie, Bob Akken. All in naval uniform with HMS Fulmar band on cap.
Another photo has my father (John King) with Williamson (assumed same person as Willie in previous photo), Paddy Metcalfe again, and Ray Jarvis.
Another has Speedy Rae, and George Ash.
Other than this there are a few interesting Buccaneer photos.
The only name i can link is Ivor Williamson on your 700Z list, who i attempted to email from address on guest list, but this was returned not sent. Do you have a more up to date email address. Do any of the other names ring any bells. It would be very interesting to contact anyone who may have known my dad.
Other than 700z, i have an 847 squadron Three Gannets A.S. squad photo with a separate sheet listing most of the names that he could remember. (Any idea where they were based) Hawksworth was the C.O if that means anything.
There is a selecion of photos of RNAS Ford, and Lossiemouth but no squadrons listed or many people identified. There are also various photos of Nicosia, and Behruit.
Lastly i have a scrap book cutting from a newspaper 30.03.67 with a picture of my dad fusing a napalm bomb on a Sea Vixen ready to be used on the Torrey Canon.
Thanks for taking the time to read my email, and if you can point me in a direction where i could find out more i would appreciate it.
John King joined Navy in approx 1955 and came out in 1973 when most armourers were made redundant as the role became more electrical than engineering
Dave King
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