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Mar 21st, 2018, 01:17am

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xx XN962 800Sqn 1000lb Bomb Trials 1965/1966
« Thread started on: Jul 28th, 2015, 08:15am »

Hello. I'm new to this forum so my apologies if this question is covered elsewhere (please tell me where!).
I am currently modelling an 800Sqn Buccaneer S1 being refuelled by an 800B Scimitar, in memory of my dad who served on 800B. I am trying to model 1965/66 aircraft which is when he served, and luckily the callsigns of the Scimitars (114-117) have helped narrow down when photographs were taken. The Buccaneers at some point before this period lost their natural tan-coloured radomes and had them painted EDSG/white. I settled on two aircraft in a photo I grew up with on one of the first pages of the HMS Eagle 1964/66 Commissioning Book. This photo is also online at the following location:
This shows XN962 '110/E' being refuelled by (I think ) XD275 '117/E', and the photo also appears in Michael J Doust's 'Buccaneer S1 From The Cockpit' book. This book has another photo which seems to be of the same sortie, as the Buccaneer is carrying 8 uniquely patterned 1000lb bombs for some kind of dropping trials. The unique patterns, from what I can gather, were so that the bomb from each position could be tracked to assess the fall, etc.
I am trying to determine which pattern each bomb had, and which station it was on. I am only showing the pylon-mounted bombs as per the photo, rather than the bomb-bay ones as well (maybe a future diorama?!). I can kind of tell the patterns from the other photo in the book, but I can't quite determine which bomb came from which pylon! Does anyone have any further information regarding this test, a higher resolution photograph of the In Flight Refuelling, or any other pictures of this sortie (I assume that some kind of report would have been written which would have clearly identified the bomb markings and which station they were assigned to, probably with photographs)? Does anyone know who the aircrew were? Or what date the sortie occurred?
I have sent a Freedom Of Information Request to MoD to see if they can supply any information, who will probably point me in the direction of FAAM who I hope to visit when I can find some time. I will also try emailing Andy White through his fantastic Buccaneer website, but any kind of information anyone has would be very greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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